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We are Andy and Jill and we provide a service for dove release for any occasion that you require. Andy has raced pigeons since he was 10 years old and therefore has huge experience with the birds and their health, welfare and training. Andy’s very first pigeon was pure white.

At home our birds get the very best treatment and each have their own preferred perch. They love to take regular baths and peanuts are there favourite treat which they always get when returning home from a release.

Our unique commissioned “Cinderella” carriage was designed especially for dove release and was hand made by a blacksmith. We also have a large range of release baskets, all of which can be decorated to match your colour theme/function.

You can have confidence that we know what we are doing and are the best giving first class service along with realistic prices.

On your occasion let us give it extra meaning to create a lasting memory.

Andy and Jill


"Moments that will never be forgotten"


"Moments that will never be forgotten"




Making your day as special as it should be! With a package that is suitable to all your requirements.

Two birds presented in a decorated basket (heart hamper) to be released by the bride and groom from either the basket or by hand (one handler can assist with this). – £125.00

Two display cages with pure white fantails (large tails which are permanently erect with feather legs) cock with bow tie (if required) outside church or with the vicars consent inside. Then after the ceremony as package one, two additional birds to be released  by bride and groom. – £150.00

As package two but following the two bird release by the bride and groom. A floor release of an additional ten birds. This can be carried out by the bridesmaids and pageboys or relations. – £200.00 

Using our extra large carriage, two birds to be released by hand, by the bride and groom. Then twenty birds from the carriage. – £375.00

Extra birds are available from £10.00 each.

Cinderella carriage – £35.00.

Additional decoration to be agree – contact for further details.

Mileage charge is £0.50 per mile outside of 10 mile radius.


Providing you with a symbolic release in the memory of your loved one.

Release a single bird from our basket or by hand to represent the spirit of the departed on the final journey. – £100.00

Release three birds from a decorated basket. This is to represent the father, the son and the holy ghost. This is to be followed shortly after by the spirit bird. – £150.00

As the holy trinity by followed by a release of seven or more birds to represent an angel escort. – £200.00

Extra birds are available from £10.00 each.

Cinderella carriage – £35.00.

Additional decoration to be agree – contact for further details.

Mileage charge is £0.50 per mile outside of 10 mile radius.

Other Occasions

From sporting events to anything where you would like to use our beautiful doves.

Our other occasions dove release prices start from £100.00

We can carry out releases for up to 100 birds for large events. Please contact us below and we will be more than happy to run through your options.

Frequently Asked Questions & Terms

Welfare of our birds is paramount to us. Two major factors must be taken into account.

Timing – the birds must be given enough time to get home in day light. They do not fly at night. Evening releases can be arranged only in the summertime and reasonable distance to the home lofts.

We will not release the birds in adverse weather conditions which include heavy rain, fog or high winds. If poor weather is forecast we will cancel and provide a full refund.

Should the weather turn on the day, once attended we will try and find a gap in the weather.

50% deposit with order and the balance is due 21 days prior to date of ceremony.

We will provide a full refund should there be adverse weather conditions which prevent release.

Cancellation prior to 21 days before ceremony for full refund, but after that it is too tight for us to re-book.


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Andy Freeman

Grand View, Sands Hill, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7PQ

Tel: 07890993808

Email: enquiries@occasiondoves.com

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"Beautiful exquisite doves for any occasion that you require... Adding a very special touch"